Rafael Próchniewicz

Lektor języka angielskiego


Born in the night under seven full moons,

Around the assistance of werewolves & ghouls.

My mom cried: What is that has popped out of my womb!?

Dad quickly responded: The sign of a doom.

No matter, I shall love the hell-spawn as hard as I can.

If I were her I would throw myself to a garbage can.

When crawl through the streets – no matter day or night,

Children start to cry & pigeons fly up sky.

No idea why people are so scared of me,

Hence deep inside I’m a gentle human being.

When you find about me more, then you will know,

Sarcasm & irony is my show.

Although not a native, but very near,

So when suddenly I speak Polish, please do not fear.

Believe it or not but the picture you see,

Actually reflects the best side of me.

In reality I look much more creepy & gloom,

Like a gravedigger carrying on his shoulders heavy tomb.

Through laughs, fun & easy time too,

Learning won’t be messed up in Akcent school.

Because in the end truth has to be told,

I am here to make you the best… don’t you know?

So please don’t hesitate any time soon,

Just hit the button: “Teacher, I choose you!”.

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